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Pipe Piling

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Pipe Piling is a structural building material used to support and stabilize a building's foundation. When the soil below a building is loosely packed, it may not offer enough strength to keep the building stable over time. A pipe piling can be used to distribute the weight of the building deeper into the earth, where the soil is often more tightly packed. Pipe piles are also used to support exceptionally large or heavy buildings, where even standard soil cannot offer adequate support. Finally, a pipe piling may be required when the land area is too small to accommodate spread footers or foundations, forcing buildings to dig deeper to achieve sufficient ground stability.
Piling Pipe can be API 5CT standard seamless casing pipe , which can always be used as pipe filing to support the heavy buildings. The most obvious charactoristic is: 2 drilling holes on one of the pipe ends. The distance between these 2 holes is the diameter of the pipe. More importantly, these 2 holes must be symmetrical. 
1 The often used sizes contain: 60mm,73m

1 The often used sizes contain: 60mm,73mm, 88.9mm, 177.8mm,244.48mm
2 Length: R3 ( or specially required such as 9-10.5m) 
3 Standard: API 5CT 
4 End: Plain
5 Surface of the Pipe: No Painting 
6 Marking: as per API 5CT or customer's request
7 Packing: in bundles with steel strips 
8 TPI can be arranged before shipment.

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